Wednesday, September 19, 2007

this lovely boy

lives in Chile - in Valpairaso, to be more precise. He said hello I like (one of my artworks on Flickr), and I looked through his pictures and found one that I really like and FINALLY sat down to draw and paint tonight. I was missing the watercolor and altered book action.

I think a vacation in Valpairaso would be a breath of fresh air.....

Wow this has been the evening to outlast all evenings. Rode to an out-of-the-way market after work and was buffeted by the wind MAN what a crazy windy day! Fixed and ate dinner, headed out to the garden and ended up digging a bed (that I'd already done a bunch of ground breaking on), amending it with some good stuff, divvied it up properly so Kit can go ahead and plant some arugula (which will grow alllll winter long! YES!). Cleaned up the kitchen. Cut up eggplant, put in dryer. Remembered that I needed to cook up those other tomatoes or they'd go bad, so I did that and cooked 'em down, and canned them. Watched the end of Dandelions. Sad and beautiful film. Draw, paint, post, browse, and it's not even 11 o'clock yet.

I better get going before it is suddenly one in the morning.

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