Sunday, September 16, 2007

i got finished wood!

It's very very very nearly done, I only need to clean up the bottom and send it off to Jack!

Uh yeah, it's a Jack in the Box :)

I used my drawings and doodles, photocopied, then gel transfered them onto the block which I painted with gesso and gel medium. Then I layed down a wet layer of gel medium, stuck my photocopies onto, let them dry, and gently rubbed away the paper (with a bit of water). What's left are the images. Cool, eh? I think so. I love the process and seeing the images emerge.

The garden! Yes the garden! What is sleep?!


mcglinch said...

cool. i'm wishing you did a 'step-by-step' idiot guide for the process -- photocopy, gel, gesso on wood then photocopy into gel again then rub away paper?

thankful you have time to do this and we get to see the results.

V.K. said...

oh hey hi! I meant to respond to this earlier. I did a blog post some time ago, August last year? I'll rummage around later, maybe that was for another tutorial in printing.

But yah, I photocopy whatever I wanna transfer - in this case, my doodles.

Prep your surface (or 'canvas'). Gesso is good for a base, or especially if you're using something porous (like cardboard, or wood even).

Sometimes I will apply acrylics after that. If you do, for sure paint over THAT with gel medium. Let it DRY.

Then, apply a wet layer of gel medium to your image (photocopied image on paper). I use my finger. Not too much, not too little.

Then, put it on your canvas. I use a brayer to roll out all the air bubbles.

Let it dry!

Then, bit by bit with a little water at a time, gently rub off the paper with your fingers.

Here is a great tutorial online:

It was indispensible for my own learning process. Then, just experiment!

thanks for the thumbs up :)

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