Monday, September 10, 2007

hey it's been awhile

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwww! the gardens they do grow and I, I am a harvesting, farming fool. And I love it. Plenty of canning, drying, freezing, gathering, digging, hauling, and sweating going on around here. Hard to be indoors when the weather is so warm and sunny too, so not much in the way of bloggersville for me, no. If you'd like a quick tour through the garden, you can press the play button below. Warning - it's a bit speedy and shaky so maybe take some dramamine first.

(Tried uploading through blogger and google but didn't take, so here I am back to trusty ol' YouTube......should be a go)

I heard those birds and thought it'd be nice to capture that on film/sound. They've all gone off somewhere else, now. That little camera picks up sounds quite nicely! And I realize that among my different laughs, the one here is my goofiest. Yukyukyuk.

Last night was a welcome home from German for Kendra and happy birthday for Sandy potluck - and it was PERFECT. I saw Kendra last week at work and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see that girl! I know Sandy peripherally, and I used to work with Cassie who is sweeties with Sandy and now, there is a little four month old girl named Josie (sss not zzzzzz for the 's') too! Wow. I used to paint with Cassie, back in the day.

I met some very awesome folk at the potluck, the food was divine, I ate a lot and my stomach was very happy instead of groaning with fullness. I love it when that happens! The weather was warm, so even at nightfall, the air was pleasant. This is what I love love love about summer. I hope I remember it all year.

Ryan ate a lot of grapes.

Jacque and Marsha brought a superlative salad with fresh mozzarella. ah! oh!

Megan and I did variations of impromptu happy dances when we said goodbye.

The very large spider in the corner of our little dining area kept to her very pregnant self, and the amazingly large rosemary plant gave us wonderful accompanying perfume.

I rode home after dark with my lights, which I am grateful for, and my legs, which I am grateful for because they work and carry me around so goodly. My panniers were full of things like tomatoes from Deb and Frank's garden that they are so graciously sharing with me; pear chutney and plum chutney that our hostesses (Lynn and Susie) gave to me; along with several empty containers because I asked for mine back that I hauled plums, pesto, and raspberries for the potluck in, saying that they are at a premium for me since I'm running low.

Aren't people just the coolest??

Lynn showed Kendra and I pictures of 'Flat Crystal'. I can't remember who Crystal is, probably a niece, but there is a children's book by the name of Flat Stanley. Stanley becomes flat after a bookcase (? something large) falls on him and he discovers being flat ain't so bad after all (slipping under doorways and such is great fun). So kids make Flats of themselves, send them to other people, who then go on adventures with the Flats and take pictures...then send the Flat back to the original Flat Person. Lynn and Flat Crystal played poker, were served very large yummy foods at a diner, went to Salem, the capital of Oregon, rode on a motorbike (Flat Crystal even wore a helmet!) was great.

Okay, who wants to trade a Flat with me? Heheheheh.

So then there's some artwork I managed this week, and there is so much more I'm excited about doing!!

well here are a few, if you click on the picture you'll be directed to my flickr photos and you can browse everything there


my pal Chekk in Augsburg (germany) - he sent me some of his music (which is SO YES!!)

here's a zombie hello kitty

zombie hello

and another stencil - it's Jack! or it's not (more at Flickr)

third in line


frogstar said...

i could show Flat You around the desert...

V.K. said...

yes please!!! I just emailed you, schweet froggy! I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve my care package. You are the mostest.

I could show Flat You around the stacks at work, woo!

Tonje said...

You sure have a lot of yummy stuff in that garden!!!

V.K. said...

mmmmm hmmmmmmmm! it's so divine!

nice to see you Tonje :) Thanks for the email too!