Monday, September 03, 2007


It really is big!! I was not kidding!

big 'un

Another sticker, to see what works, and what doesn't. Good times!

my little experiment

Last night's good times included a bar-b-q with awesome homemade pastry cookies by Anne, prawns on the barbie, vegetable shish's and - well, it's summer! What more needs to be said?

On the ride home, a HUGE yellow moon was rising over the tips of the Coburg hills. The shadow lay across the surface of the moon in such a way that it seemed like the planet itself had been sliced. Very nice. And eerie.

I need to go and mulch the beets now. They're top ends are exposed and apparently this is not good. I squirted Dr. Bronner soap water on the young chard leaves this morning, and squished the aphids. I hope that rids 'em. And I dug more bed yesterday, which I plan on doing more of in a jiff. Later to the other garden where I think I'll tuck in some collards.


Anne said...

Ha, you're funny- I just "blogged," too. Kinda like a bodily function, eh?

Check out the pannycake picture. Mmm, spongy and perfect!

Too bad you didn't get a photo of that moon~ crazy, man.

I have to send you links, but can't remember to what~ damn Sheaf Stout. Do you remember? it was music, right? Do you have an email that accepts large attachments? [Like 5 or 10MB]?

frogstar said...

i love you even more for your use of dr. bronners.


V.K. said...

Anne - that's really funny. Yes, if I don't blog, I feel rather backed up!

I know you were going to send me music links and I'm downloading Elbow (eke-ing along...). Click on that square in the sidebar for the email, I think it's a pic of me eye looking through me hand in an o. Yahoo's limit is 10mb attachments.

Froggy - awwwwww. Ya sweet thing.

V.K. said...

(I hope Dr. Bronner's is strong enough for those aphids......I really don't wanna use the nasty shit)

frogstar said...

what you need is ladybirds. they're the best aphid control you could hope for. have you got lots of weedy flowery stuff around your garden to attract beneficial insects?
a friend of mine also sprays a garlic/water solution.

V.K. said...

OH, right! Yes there are lots of weedy floweries...maybe there should be more or different kinds? The borage is thick.

Garlic and water solution! Just soak the garlic in water and voila? Okay I'm going to try that if the Bronner's solution doesn't pan out.


Tonje said...

Oh my gosh... I've never seen a courgette that size before... Is it for real??? Wow!

frogstar said...

hehehe, i am such a garden gnome at heart. read up on beneficial insects, veek, it's cool beyond cool!
and yeah, with the garlic i think you could probably get away with soaking it or just crush it. let me know how it goes!

Anne said...

I sent an email with links and a nattachment... didja get it? Just curious.

Anne said...

Hmmmm. "a nattachment." LMAO
Akin to "an attachment," only gritter, I suppose....

V.K. said...

the zuke is for real!

I will read and report!

I received email, just buried under squash and will read asap!

thank you all and goodnight!