Tuesday, September 18, 2007

praise be

The wood has been sent to Jack in Hawai'i.

What will the goyls do now?

Well, in between a ton of gardening and harvesting, putting up food (gee I sound like a broken record), I've been doing more stencils. Here are a couple:

you name it

billy pilgrim?

and some stickersstick 'em up!

I mailed off the wood ya know, earlier today, and picked up more of those stickers (thankya, USPS). On the way in there was this skinny pink-haired dreadlocked chap wailing on his geetar, singing about this girl, he has a crush on a girl, and the girl is on her period, they get a towel.......okay too much information? I thought it was great. He wasn't being an asshole, but the times, they are a-changin'. Singing full throttle-throated about such things :)

I laughed!

Yesterday I borrowed Jacque's go-behind cart. You hook it up to your bicycle. I picked up a free space heater (and left some plums on her porch in thanks), and then hauled home a bunch of tomatoes and pears. My panniers were full of laundry.

I say hellelujah! I love The Wheel!

The weather turned a bit chill. Last week, in the 90s. This week, upper 60s, low 70s. Nipply nights. That'll turn the cabbage sweet, though. Yip!

Jacque's putting a new roof on Marsha's place (Marsha is helping best she can). That girl, she never ceased to amaze me.

The uppers at work are still *curse words and more curse words*.

I feel more at home in my co-worker/friend's garden that they've been sharing with me, than I do in this one outside my back door. Ah well, I'm staying put for awhile but I can see that I just might not want to live here a whole long time. Weird vibeys. Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt.

Meanwhile, my larder is full to overflowing and I gots my health, so hey - life's pretty damn good.

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