Friday, December 21, 2007

i yam so happy...

.......cuz today, as most days, my commute to work was uncluttered, uncrowded, and unmitigated:

It wasn't yet above freezing when I left the house. It wasn't perhaps the wisest choice to go ahead and bike anyway, but I was all saddled up and not in a huge hurry, so I rode slow(ish) and took the corners even slower. No crashes. I passed several people on bikes going in opposite directions, too. A hardy lot we are. I guess.

I'm feeling better, finally rid myself of that unspeakably horrific headache too. There is another reason to be happy. If I yell too loudly with happiness I might bust a vein and reignite that splitting headache, so I shall remain....serene.

Charity and I threw together a goody plate for our mail carrier. Neither one of us are really big on the holidays. I mean, the manufactured hype.....ugh. I have to buy you a present because 'tis the season? Lame. I'm all for celebrating, don't get me wrong. I was at the bank depositing that Oregon tax refund/kicker check, to cover some doctor bills and some art supplies I bought, and the guy helping me was all about how great timing that was, you know it's gonna go right to Christmas presents. I didn't bother to get into it with him. Whatever. He was a nice guy.

But anyway. We threw together a goody basket, scrounging candy and crap (good crap) (including satsuma oranges) from the various satellite departments at work. I plopped it on a napkin first, then agreed with Charity that a plate would be nice and then she found some nice lavender paper and tied it up with jesus string.

The jesus string came from the jesus barn, or manger. Charity, you are fucking killing me here. Cracks me up.

And then I made a card. Charity talked to the mail carrier and she was ecstatic about everything. I didn't expect anyone to like that card. Charity told the carrier I was concerned, but Charity said that we're weird at the library, what do you expect? (I agree) The letter carrier said that they're weird at the post office. cool, cool!

Can't seem to stop drawing teeth. I left these guys in the phone booth outside of work, for Free Art Friday:

And I drew this on lunch:

Good times!


Anne said...

That's a beautiful shot of the bike path in the morning fog! I also like the drawing of the person with stomach-teeth.

Glad to see you're feeling better, sounds like a nasty plague has hit us....

And I think I know which letter carrier you encountered. And yes, we are weird, too. But you knew that. ;)

Yeah, holidays are commercial and fake now in so many ways. Hope you can find a way through/around that & enjoy them anyway.

V.K. said...

hey Anne! heheh....teefy guts..yeah that was a beautiful morning, I am so glad I brought my camera with me!

thanks for the well wishes.

I hope Julie is healing up, she used to be our letter carrier, but she got a bunionectomy! gah!

Happy holy daze to you too :)

Anne said...

Julie's one of our coolest, as is Jean [who's subbing for her right now]. I, of course, haven't been to work in a week and won't be going back until after my doc appt. on the 4th, for severe carpal tunnel syndrome [I know, I know~ what am I doing on the computer, right? Don't worry, I'm wearing splints]. So I get to be home for the season [long story] and drawing sick pay to boot. Not so bad, I guess, but would not have been my choice.

ellipsisigh said...

Wotz "jesus string" ?

V.K. said...

wow Anne, that's too bad! all that time off during the cold, wet season!

No but really - does this mean that your guitar-playing abilities are impaired, too?? What a DRAG!! Are you going in for surgery maybe??

hey ell :) Charity went for some 'jesus twine' or 'jesus string' that she retrieved from the 'jesus barn'. She was just on a goofy roll. So she could wrap up the 'frankinsence and myrrh' for the letter carrier, ha ha.

Anne said...

No surgery! *Crosses index fingers & hisses* We [I and all of my body parts] try to avoid that at all costs. Just trying to rest & relax the hands for now. And yes, it kinda puts a damper on guitar playing. Don't worry-- I have PLENTY of other things hangin' over my head to keep me busy....