Tuesday, December 25, 2007

solstice redux

And I look around and see people shacking up together. I mean, they actually pull it off! How?!?

for you

for YOU!


Anne said...

My sentiments exactly.

V.K. said...


you know what? I thought you might understand!

And, I realize that I am running the risk of promoting a stereotype for men, and that's not what I meant to do with the second drawing. Intimacy issues do not discriminate :)

cheers, Anne.

Anne said...

What really hit home for me was the horror on the face of the heart recipient. And no, this phenomenon is not contained solely in the hetero world. I once found myself in the recipient's place, and wholly unexpectedly and suddenly responsible for this person's life. It was a bad, bad gig [for me].

In approaching the New Year, I think I have gotten back on track with my life's work. But we'll see for sure in retrospect, won't we?

Yes, cheers to you as well.

V.K. said...

Anne! Yah woo, intense, huh?!

You know what, it just so happens that these panels were done for a collaborative work between a mail art pal and I. There are two books. One is becoming more loosely based on 'flowers'; the other is titled, 'the little book of horrors'. YESSSS!!

I'm glad you hear that you are getting back on trick or track as the kids these days say. SWEET!

A toast to all things on track, but not entirely dismissive of those derailed, either.