Friday, December 28, 2007

dream a little......hey I already used that subject line

okay! I'm up and running! the mac is being ultra cranky again, BUT, it didn't freeze up once when I was using it for hours on end last weekend, doing that application and stuff - woo! Seriously ecstatic about that.

Here's what I'm so happy about today:

I don't obsess about cracks on sidewalks (and avoiding them at all costs), and as a result, amnot impeded in my ability to go out the door and do whatever it is I want or need to do in the world. Nor am I obsessed with, say, albino ravens pecking my eyes out. Hey. Those obsessions would totally suck. The glass is frikkin' half-full, awright?!

Picture of my dream from last night and what the HELL am I still doing awake?!

In the dream I was using a mortal and pestle. As I was doing this, I was afraided. That the magic wouldn't work again, or any more at all. But, the grinding and friction produced a butterfly. A freakin' butterfly, yeah! Often when I sit down to draw I am afraid I won't be able to pull it off again, or after I've done a drawing or art project I think, ok that's it, I'll never be able to do it, that was an accident. Well okay lately, I'm feeling a little more like, ah, confident and such. Barring having my eyes pecked out by albino ravens, odds are that I'll be able to draw over and and over again.

Here is the picture:

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