Saturday, December 22, 2007


As I was saying, yes it is, and here we are in the darkest hours. I've been reminiscing. Just a little. But, it's a trip, isn't it? to reminisce? A pal of mine (we just met through flickr and are going to collaborate on some comics, or whatever they/it ends up being) suggested posting pics of my art space and stuff, so I was looking at the ones from this summer, and from Donald Street (boo hiss! god I'm still so glad I don't live there any more!), and then from way back in the day over in Springfield. can see tonight's solstice snapshots over here.

What else is a trip? The way that memories fade - or rather, the piquancy of them. But then, that can be resurrected with an image, or a smell. I mean, summer wasn't that far back, but skeletal trees and grey skies have been the norm for so many days on end, it was startling to see the lush greens and brilliant sunshine in the summer pictures. Oh yeah! that really happened, I remember how that was......

Finished that mile-long application and supplemental questionnaire for the LA3 position. Did I mention that already? Well it bears repeating. A milestone, that is! Now to prepare for the eventuality of an interview. Assume the sale, right? I'm getting an interview. I've worked there for five years, for god's sake, I should bloody well get an interview! And I glutted them with information, too.

I found this photo on flickr, and did a quick little doohickey with a gel pen and watercolor wash:

when all's said and done

Here are some teefies:

rogue appliances


Anne said...

So yeah, happy solstice. It's nearly 3am and I'm up because my bioclock's on 25 hours, it seems, so I'm slowly rolling over my days & nights.

Hey, good luck in your LA3 interview. [I assume that means "library assistant level 3" or the like?] Is Cindy H. still on the board? Just curious.

I think everything has teeth in some form or another.

V.K. said...

yeargh! I forgot you'd sent this - happy solstice to you too :) thanks.
yeah, library assistant 3, woo! I wonder if I'm nuts. There are so many weird and crazy patrons to help, I might go weirder and crazier if I get the job. Thanks for the good lucks. The interview board changes all the time. Usually there is one person from the department who is doing the hiring, and one from admin, and one from a totally different department like 'diversity' or something....

here's to good teeth!