Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I look back on things I've done and people I've been with and........what the fuck was I thinking?! No seriously! I am intelligent. I thought I was intelligent. So what am I doing right now (it's not a question of who I am seeing, you see) - what am I doing right now that, should I live to see another decade (because one never does really know), that I will look back on and say, "what the fuck was I thinking??"

What will I regret?

What'll I be ecstatic about?

How many of you are thinking about Fight Club right now?

Here are some paintings. I like them a lot, actually.


jason's advent

And Bianca:

Bianca, again

Do you know how to read tea leaves?


Anne said...

The painting of Bianca is wonderfully androgenous.

V.K. said...

I love that you said that: it's one of the reasons I wanted to paint her. I also did a watercolor; both photos I found on flickr. I didn't know the gender of Bianca; I left a comment saying how I thought this person was beautiful and I'd love to paint/sketch/draw. She's a great subject and the photo I worked from for the painting here is one she took of herself.

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