Monday, December 03, 2007

pit stop drop and roll

Just how much water can Eugene hold, anyways?? It has rained steadily and at times torrentially for days and days! Okay two full days nonstop. Again I with the lucking out - it was supposed to rain with snow mix on saturday but it was dry. Until JUST after I arrived home, ha haaa! And now it's crazy windy, I mean cray-zeeeeeeeee, for days and days! Okay two full days nonstop with the wind! There goes Toto!

Okay, another tshirt and one I'm saving to post until AFTER Marsha's birthday in case someone over there visits me bloggy and ruins the surprise. This is of a flickr friend, if you click on it you'll make your way to the full story, ah, yeah such as it is:

ta dah

erm........cheesey for sure

Let's see what else. Okay one more picture, of my favorite model and flickrfriend extraordinaire:

Mod Squad

I am yawning my head off. Oh but wait! There is more! An Hourly Comic Day!

Go forth and gander!

Now, I sleep. No teeth dreams. No.

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