Sunday, December 23, 2007


my latest obsession, things with teeth, drawn as I did when I was three, four, five....mouthfuls and gutfuls of teeth.....

Yesterday my pal Clark at work covered for me at lunch and helped with processing materials; when I returned, he'd put post-its all over stacks of stuff and one with 'too confusing for me'. I love it. And I remembered that I'd joined a post-it art group on flickr but hadn't yet contributed, so I thought I would just doodle a couple of post-its and send them off but it snowballed into an animation project.

Soundtrack courtesy Caribou (you may know him as Manitoba - and thanks to Clark for introducing me to Manitoba's Up In Flames!) - the song is Yeti.

(strangely enough......after another cold spell, it is near fifty degrees today and I haven't had need of my yeti slippers)


babbetto said...

Me likey very much!!

Issi said...

amazing, super :o))
Merry Christmas :o))

LOOPa said...

ah ah ah... fantastic! you're a genius!

V.K. said...

hello ladies!

thanks very much for stopping by; I'm glad you enjoyed the show :-)