Tuesday, September 05, 2006

day after the day of labor

Last night we gathered for our bi-weekly art night over at Marsha's new house (replete with HOT TUB!!! YEAH!!!). I carved the above, Kendra worked in her journal (she finished the knitting project baby blanket, it's adorable...she said she's glad she's done with THAT, she'd rather turn bowls...seriously...and she's good at it too), Marsha knitted a cool scarf...Josie barked a LOT. Jacque was working but came later. We all ate the blackberry cake I baked. And oh yeah and yum, K brought stollen!! 'zat how you spell it? ohhh god I love stollen! Marzipan! my mouth is watering right now.

Megan and Ryan were there for a bit (M's kids). Ryan's two front teeth are gone! Cute. I forgot about that this morning when I woke up from a horrid teeth dream, where my own two front ones were missing but they weren't baby teeth to go falling out. Shite. Maybe I should make that dentist appointment today....

I love how Labor Day is a holiday.

And I love that so many people go the hell out of town. Traffic the last couple of days finally died down, after that football game fiasco (I love two miles from the stadium). Ahhhhh.


frogstar said...

ohh, you've got me wantin' stollen.

V.K. said...

yum yum yum...I've made my slab last several days now, a bit here, a bite there...wow it's good!