Friday, September 08, 2006

fry day, again. already!

Well well well! Up early this morning, thank you body, for coming conscious before being jarred rudely awake by the alarm. Yech. I'd rather wake up like this naturally:

Been doing layup and paste out. Or is that the other way 'round? For a zine! Oh yes! We are a crazy crafty bunch of homo sapiens over at Nervousness! Here's a prototype of the cover:

That optical illusion design really bugs yer eyes out when you see it in person, or if it's bigger -- I found it on the internet (natch -- what CAN'T you get on the internet? come on seriously, what?)

I keep forgetting that it's NOT summer (or, end of) everywhere in the world, and there are contributors from Australia and New Zealand. So I'm thinking I need to addendum sumthin'. Somehow. This is just way a lot of fun though. People from all over...and it's like...we are all psychically in tune or something, the themes that running through the zine (unbeknownst to each other, I didn't ask for anything specific, just doodles).

The other day I received this jolly fellow, for a buddha swap over at Swap-Bot. He's pretty happy anyway but I think he's quite jocular about sitting underneath that crrrrazy spider plant! (thank you SO MUCH Marloes! I llllluuuuuurve the lil' guy)

Speaking of spiders...there was a goat-sized eight-legged wonder hanging out in my apartment. RIGHT ABOVE MY PILLOWS ON MY BED.


I gave a whoop and went after it with the biggest hardest pillow I could find. It rapelled off the wall and right in my direction.


I tried to smother it with the millet pillow. No avail. It scurried in the opposite direction though, and down into the recesses of...the underbed. Now, the old Victoria would have torn the room apart and vacuumed everything. The new Victoria let it go. And I even slept in the bed that night, and every night thereafter, and I am still alive and unbitten. Whenever I get up into bed (it is a very high bed, more like a loft...or a semi-loft anyway) I say, "no spiders in bed" in a very firm voice. The room is full of no-spider vibes. Completely. No room for spiders here, nope. Buddha save me.

So not much in the way of ATCs or carving the last few days, but well yes I have carved up some small stamps to use in the zine actually. I'm too tired to have any more fun tonight, pout pout. Gonna go flop and get my Six Feet Under fix. (yah actually, the fun just never ends 'round here)



frogstar said...

an ex girlfreind of mine had a white-tail spider (ie, very poisonous...eek!) living in her underwear drawer. the morning routine of gingerly shaking out the underwear would've been amusing if it wasn't so perilous...

V.K. said...

the nerve!!

and eeeek triply times over!

Issi said...

Im very happy I see you after long time huuuurrraaaa :o))))
I very love your art and photos I saw in yahoo too. Have a beautiful day :o)) keep in touch, Issi

Tonje said...

Hi Victoria,
I've finally managed to catch up on your blog.... beeing away for weeks on end isn't good in that respect...

Wow, you've been busy!!! I haven't made one tiny little... uh... anything the last couple of months... but you... wow, you rock girl!!! All your latest work is amazing. Really!

V.K. said...

hey girls! thanks for stopping by and saying hi and all - good to see everyone :^)

Etayne said...

goat sized?????
Pictures! We want pictures!
:::waving at you and heading off to see Mr Cake:::

Rrramone said...

Buddha good. Nervous bad. :-)