Thursday, September 28, 2006

oh my aching....

.....ribcage! sternum! spine!

Guess it was a little longer developing this time around but I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow. Dang! By the time I arrived at work this morning, the whole left side of me was on fire. Old injuries, too. Well hey, at least I can still art! And I did a bunch of gleaning over the weekend, too. The walnuts are ripening right and left! There are three trees planted on the city block of 5th and Lawrence in Eugene (four miles from Springfield where I do abide). What wise soul decided to plant the kind of walnut trees that shed the kind of walnuts in pods that aren't totally slimy and near-black with it? These come out of the pods smelling SO good, and most of them are totally slime-free. And there are HUNDREDS MORE up in the trees, just waiting to fall. Into my satchel. And then, to my tummy.

Here's a little do-da I made this weekend. Several of us are passing around packets of images to one another. All of the packets we send out are filled with identical images. When we receive our packets back, each same image will be worked over by a different artist. This was a pear (yeah, tcht tcht, now it's a pair!):

Didn't manage to blog much about my weekend, but did manage to post piccies next door here and here and also right here.

Oh yeah....and I bought new shoes for winter. The gore-tex all-terrain 4WD (I'm not making that part up) cross-training kind. They are super splendid and they're available at Sierra Trading Post for only $50. Which is half and more than half the price of anything else I've been scoping out. My tootsies will stay nice and dry this winter when I bike and walkabout!!

This be them (they're called 'Wasabe' ooh! tssss! hot stuff!):

Just returned from a walk around the 'hood...the right shoe seems a bit smaller but I think it'll be okay. Otherwise, very very comfy. I'm walking on air, here.

Time for an episode. Last season of 6 Feet Under. What will I do when it's over??

Why, I'll switch to season 2 of Veronic Mars, that's what I'll do! Or maybe finally start Battlestar Galactica! Who wants to come over and nerd out with me??


Veronica Salt said...

Yes!!! I hear you on the Six Feet Under thing. I don't even turn my television on anymore really. I haven't found another show that compares to that one......*sob*

frogstar said...

me! me!
i wanna come nerd out with you!

Issi said...

hello hello :o))) Thank you very much for your comments :o)) Best Wishes, keep in touch

altermyworld said...

I'm waiting on season one of "6 feet under" i have never watched it. A really good series to watch is "Dead like me" Ever seen it? It is totally rad.
I go to the chiro today also, i can hardly move.

Tonje said...

I'd love to come and nerd out as well.... I'll bring some muffins to pig out on too....;-)

Hope you feel better soon.

Issi said...

beautiful shoes, I would like it :o) Have you a wonderful day :o))