Sunday, September 17, 2006

fun purple people....

...of a sort! I know where some of the inspiration came, but as for the rest...I am always amazed by what happens some days, I mean - why? where, really, does it come from? seems pretty subconscious, until I see the light of purple. The first is a lino cut (sheesh - way harder than soft block carving - especially when you have nothing to hold it steady, it's a little scary knowing there is a greater likelihood that you could gouge yourself a good one) - I made it with J Boyd in mind who sent me a great postcard last week. He's a linocutter and I love his assemblages. So I'll make the following into a little postcard for him.

(these little guys are carved from erasers)

Here's the size of it:

What an amazing late-summer almost-autumn day. I carpe diemed big time, didn't spend much of it indoors. I did watch The Sandcastle this morning. I found it online! I first saw it when I was eight years old, at the Unicorn theater in San Diego. I have loved animation since I was really young, and this particular one made a big impression on me. I just loved it, and have looked for it forever since. I may have wrote about it before, but a few weeks ago while I was shelving children's DVDs at work (yes folks, the library isn't just about books any more) and happened to glance at the back cover of an interesting DVD...and saw The Sandcastle! So of course I brought it home and yeah I think I did write about this...smiled the whole way through. ANYway -- some inspiration for purple head and leg people, there, for sure.

Also watched some pretty incredible other animations:

Icarus and the Tree Herder

My Little Obsessive Compulsive Friend

These are well worth your time...well okay I guess you're the only real authority on yer own time but I did watch not a few animations this morning and these two really stood head and shoulders above. I need to watch Icarus again.

Then, a bike ride after some lino carving, and some reading and back out on the bike because it's just too lovely and golden and perfect temperature. I bought a new saddle and a new back tire - MUCH needed and LONG overdue. Three paydays this month, have I mentioned that?? Just a few times maybe! And a stop at the bookstore and also gathered some more hazelnuts and then went for a nice walk this evening and picked what is probably going to be the last blackberry forage of the year. One more episode of Season Four/Six Feet Under, and then for bed with me I go forthwith.


Tonje said...

Oh, I can see why you enjoyed "the sand castle". Didn't have time to watch the other two, but will try and have a look later on...t

frogstar said...

*hanging out at your place*

V.K. said...

hey can I get anybody some tea? just made some spicey chai, and some blackberry cake stuff...

christine said...

hi there!

The Sandcastle didn't play for me, but the other two did. Very nice. Thanks for the linkies.

Not exactly topical, but I thought you might like this video... maybe you've seen it?

Emiliana Torrini - Heartstopper

Tonje said...

Blackberry cake stuff???? mmmmmmmm.... I'll have a small...ish... piece with my spicy chai.... thanks.

Niki said...

Thank you very much for your comment :)