Sunday, September 24, 2006

back in the saddle - again again

I totally biffed it yesterday afternoon on my bike. But I'm only kinda sore today, not nearly as bad as other times I've eaten gravel. You know how statistics say that most accident occur very close to home? Well they do. I was right around the corner, coming home, and it was such a little thing: traveling up from the street to the sidewalk, but there is a rather big lip and now since my tires are all pumped up proper and not one bit soft...I rode the edge of the lip instead of going up proper and spilled all over the neighbor's driveway. Ouch. I'm not too badly skinned up, just a few places....I put some all natural wildcrafted healing balm on my palm last night, you know, to aid healing? HURT LIKE HELL! Is that good? I waited a bit, maybe it was just an initial, it got worse and worse and my hand puffed up so I finally washed it off and I felt better.

I am going for a ride momentarily. Can't keep me outta the saddle, no siree. Rode over to ye olde hazelnut grove last night before sundown and gathered some nuts. Guess what I'll be shelling all winter long? :^) I love free-gotten and gleaned food.

Speaking of which, I did a little urban foraging the other day on lunch at work. Went for a walk round the neighborhood to an apple tree that made a very lot of apples a couiple years ago...not many on the tree this year, but on my return trip I helped prune a few huge bushed out rosemary thickets that some business had planted for what are clearly ornamental purposes. Hey, if I hadn't thinned the field, the whole neighborhood would be completely overrun. Mmmm, rosemary. And then lavender (but only a few sprigs of that). Looooove it. I cook with rosemary all the time.

And here, a print (ATC-sized) that I carved out last night. Believe it or not, I sketched from a picture of Bjork. That wasn't going as well or in the direction I had planned, so I turned it to my advantage and...turned it into this:

This morning, a postcard-sized print. You know my stereo/dvd player took a dive, well...I thought maybe after resting for a few weeks I could start it up again and listen to some tunes, and it worked for quite a long time before it went back to its old wicked ways and I had to shut 'er down again. But the music I listened to was the hours-long CD of Dirty Three, Low, and Thom Yorke's Eraser that I played when Chuck came over that one night.....(only he hates electronic drums, so Thom didn't get any play on that particular occasion)

drew this outta me head I did:

Into the sunshine with me I go!


Etayne said...

oh, no!!! A bad spill onto the side walk. I do hope you are ok, and heal up fast.
mh.. Hazelnuts..yum! (I got some banana nut bread baking away. And we got hickory nuts here in the park close to the house. (I like nature's bounty too)
Did you find your scissors???

frogstar said...

oh, ouchy! i'm sending your skinned bits some hypercal cream lovin'.
and etayne, you've got me wanting banana bread. i'll have to buy some nanas at work tomorrow.

Issi said...

Im so sorry Viki....

manekineko said...

I can tell from the eye that it is Bjork...maybe I could talk you into sending some small hazelnut shell art?

V.K. said...

*limps over to the computer*

hi everyone...thanks for the sympathy. Actually I am only a little sore 'round the ribcage..arms..buttocks..hmmm...I forgot to do the epsom salt bath last night. Art took my mind off owies.

manekineko! konnichiwa! was just thinking about I like your idea on the small art! In fact I swear I was just thinking about some small art pieces this morning as I was doing some gel transfer stuff...

no I have not found those scissors. :-/


Issi said...

oh Im glad you are better, I was worry about you.
Maybe, your scissors are on the floor...
Best regards

Tonje said...

Hope you're feeling better, and that you find your scissors soon!
Take care.