Saturday, September 16, 2006

to tired for cake, even

eh moi je suis plus fatigué

It's been a veritable rollercoaster of a week....gathered many fruits and hazelnuts earlier on my days off....exhausting run ins with coworkers (resolved nicely today though thank GOD)....hope springing eternal with a possible friendship to blossom but artists can be so damn flaky....the other night I was ravenous after my shift, it was eight o'clock, and I headed up to the break room LO! and behold! leftovers from some hoity-toity meeting! Bruschetta........mmmmmmmmm....that was the serendipitous score of the week folks. And the good and dandy news is, I have officialy put Optical Nerve to print! It's been a great thing I tell you, and as soon as ever I can, I will put it online. Submissions are welcome for future issues, email me for details!

but I...must...sleep...........

(more cake next door! chomp!chomp!)


Kathy said...

Great cartoon-really capturing the mood well with only a few lines. On this Optic Nerve-is there a theme for each issue or is it open? If I send you some money may I procure a copy of issue number 1 even though I did not contribute? How much money should I send if this is possible? Have I asked enough questions or do I need to continue? HA!

V.K. said...

hey thanks Kat! No theme on the zine...I think that three bucks per issue covers it (I haven't mailed any back as of yet but I am guessing that the postage in the US won't be above a dollar??) - I will email you!