Sunday, September 03, 2006

two fer the road

That whacky pointer finger is back! Wuz ridin' atop my bicycle this morning and thought I needed another dose of creative finger pointing fever. So here, have some for yourself too.

The guys are Larry and Frederick. Larry's the guy with the gears next door I'm guessing...he's making another appearance at any rate...I guess I can better understand how authors of stories say that the characters kinda write themselves. What a trip! I love it!

I did back to school shopping today only I am not going back to school. I love office and school supplies and practically everything is on sale at Fred Meyer. Erasers for carving. Big giant markers for marking. Watercolor pads for...yeah okay you get the idea. I was in heaven. There are three paydays next month. So far I've treated myself to a pair of kick-ass speakers for my computer, extra fun nibbly groceries, and some art supplies...oh and uh...and vacuum. Um. I guess I should also make a dentist cleaning and cavity filling appointment....crud. No actually it's cool, I mean wow, insurance AND some money to get stuff taken care of?! Purty sweet really.

Hooverphonic and I wish you a time-travelin' evening.

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frogstar said...

mm, back to school shopping is the best!