Tuesday, August 01, 2006

tarot - hanged man

The Hanged Man Tarot card is what I drew tonight. Veddy veddy interesting. Allll about letting go, emotional release, surrender; overturning old priorities; being open and vulnerable; suspending action/pausing to reflect; setting aside self-interest...a paradoxical card. You think - you feel - you just KNOW you should aggressively seek, salivate, and salut but really whatcha need to do is just let it all go and step back for a few. O-o-kay.

Here's my print tonight for The Hanged Man, although, I think I need to rename it:

Now here's the sketch (believe me, I had to keep letting go and breathing, it took me a long time to do this little bit):

And this is what it looks like transferred on to the soft block:

Also did The Fool, ATC-sized, a collagey-type number:

I'm liking how I'm seeing when I'm patient. The print still needs work but there are some real sweet spots in there that I'm pretty stoked about. And I liked doing something totally noodley like the ATC too.

oy! my pillow! I think I go lay me head onnit now!


Odilon said...

I really like the print you carved for The Hanged Man. The figure has all this latent energy in it, which for me, is what The Hanged Man is all about. It's that moment of stillness before inner energy moves outward.

V.K. said...

YES! Exactly...wow thanks, so glad you can see that in there, it's what I was wanting to portray.

ArtPfunk said...

Is it wrong for me to want to..um...bite his neck?? He's so cute >:D (okay yeah, totally shallow comment compared to Zhenia's...)

You did SUCH AN AWESOME JOB, I adore this print, you MUST do more figureative work, I drool everytime I see it, your sketch is great too, the shading in both sketch and print is great...will you be putting this guy into your zine??? I hope so :D

V.K. said...

awwwwww thanks!! You crack me up and also make me blush :^)~ In a good way. But not a weird way. Oh dear. Yer such a little rocker.