Monday, August 07, 2006

last night this morning

Got late last night again and I just packed it in without blathering on into the wee hours......glorious day, and I cleaned up my art space at the very end, feeling good about that! Any bets on how long it'll take to get out of control again?

I did a bunch of gel transfers again yesterday and a small slew of acrylic backgrounds since Jacque needed her paint bucket back. She made a very tall sculpture of a woman some years back, she's painted red right now and has become something of a local icon (residing in Mother Kali's, a female-friendly bookstore). Jacque got an idea to paint Jane gold, she and Marsha are going to head up the Soromundi (choir) booth at Pride next...weekend, yeah. So Jane is in for a total makeover, which includes a new coat of acrylics (and perhaps a gold loincloth and bejewelled pasties, if anyone gets a burr in their saddle about a nude sculpture). So I busied myself making as many backgrounds as I could before Jacque whisked them away. I've been so into that lately I feel like someone cut off an arm...where are my paints? :-) I can try messing around with other cheap-o acrylics though, and see what happens. Got to vacuum my floor yesterday when they stopped by, too......(my tiny cannister vac doesn't have enough gumption to even qualify as a true vacuum and Jacque lets me borrow her super duper Sears Sucker). And with this new carpet....stuff shows up and doesn't blend in with the I feel better better better! Clean studio, clean kitchen, clean floors.

So here, some of the gel transfers

And here, a print from the tarot deck...#10, Wheel of Fortune - which traditionally is the only card in the major arcana which does not focus on the human figure. I aim to break tradition.

Probably needs a bit more scooping out but I'm happy with it and I finally managed to get the entire image into an ATC-sized space!

And now, grunt work: cutting up bunches of cards for a mass printing. At some point during my weekend I really need to defrost the freezer. Gee, I was up at 5:45 this morning, I coulda done it then......but I went back to sleep instead.

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