Saturday, August 19, 2006

sweet sunflower

August 16th would have been my brother's 45th birthday. Sunflowers were his fave. Happy birthday, Christopher Robin.


manekineko said...


this new direction you are going with the hand carved stuff is really kick-ass.

These are turning out great and are full of emotion.

Also we recieved your very generous Small Art entries and I am simply blown away.

My miniature greyhound Frank is now doing the Small Art reviews, so forgive his English (he is a dog, after all)

Pam said...

I love these sunflowers. I think this is my favorite one yet!

Kathy said...

Your soft block work has really evolved into such deep and soulful work...even a "lighter" theme like the humble sunflower has become a thing of fine art. You ROCK the soft block world, girl!

V.K. said...

hi My heart it pitter patters.

V.K. said...

Frank kicks booty on the reviews, he is very eloquent, eccentric and insightful - more than many humans. I speak for all reviews...y'all gotta check out the Small Art Project, yas yas!!

Odilon said...



Rrramone said...

Blessings. And really nice illo. :-)

Etayne said...

Hi they girl -- I've stopped by often, but failed to say how lovely this carving is.
I AM goping to write to you! Promise!