Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the illustrated life

Just another day in paradise. Earlier this week I was riding the Big Wave of the Cosmic Horn and lamenting the lack of otherness horn in my life (as well as the cuddlier aspects), feeling a right shade awful, and then I saw this and bust a gut:

Well it tickles my funnyhambone, anyway. It was one of those zen moments, like when the teacher reaches over and whacks you on the metaphorical head.

This morning I did another gel transfer, I am having a heluva good time with those in case you haven't gathered that fact. I layered a couple portions of a photocopied print I did a bit ago, over the acrylic painted background. It's ATC-sized.

I also sent this off for a swap - I retouched it up, after Jacque suggested some gel pens. I said that it needed leaves or more definition or...something...Jacque is one smart cookiebabe. I like it much better now (the green and reddishes are the new bits).

Also a couple more for Manekineko...they're 2"x2" (5cm x 5cm):

(someone sent me some stuff in the mail once, who knows when but inside were some really awful earrings, I nearly pitched them but I'm glad I didn't because the two musical charms have made a nice springboard here for the small art)

The neighbors are making some delicious-smelling summery food, like maybe a bar-b-que? I just ate a scone and that after a turkey sammich with potato salad, greens, and I'm not hungry but wow that smells good. What tarot card is next, I am wondering this, for ilustrating purposes...

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