Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Jane is coming along nicely, I guess she is mostly gold by now....last night I went over to see the girls and we ate dinner together out on the front porch GOD I love summer! And did our art projects outside too..until it cracked thunder and started raining, then we moved into the garage - which is a double and you know? it's about FOUR of my apartments, seriously. The thing is huge. We all forgot to haul Jane's pasties out so I could gawp at them, darn it. I need a picture of Jane for you all. That is on my agenda oh yes.

Mass printing tonight. Just cutting up the cards yesterday was an hours-long affair, and tonight, well you know it's slow going when all you have are your wits and a spoon.

The spoon, folks - it's what I use to burnish the ink into the paper :^) That is my printing press.

Oh yeah.....also did a jam session with Haddock this afternoon, when I got home from a sweeeet bike ride out and about and hello to Chuck at work, he's back from BC..back to Ye Olde Grind....really had fun doodling on that thing though, when I got home.

yawning now!

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