Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hang it all

And so a few words on The Hanged Man, which I had neither time nor energy to go into last night when I posted...oh well I see, I guess I did say a bit but also...or again..emphasizes surrender, emotional release, new perspective, reflective pause, giving up urgency and moving forward by being still. I really struggled with the angle of the head (I worked from a photograph of myself actually) and finally with a turn of the line I realized the jawline but it also looks like a mask. I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I decided to print it up like that. Often when I do art or art does me stuff happens subconsciously and then reveals itself in layers as I go along or reflect later. I think of this as turning a face towards potential without the sorts of expectations that uh, well, hang you up really. Fresh start, ground zero.

So ah...hee hee...I realize also that quite often when I draw from a photo of myself, there are elements of my very real likeness but I think the masculine can really come through too and sometimes gender is also very ambiguous (at least to me). I like tapping that. Technology rocks, because usually it's me, the digital camera, and then loading up a photo and sketching from it. Last night's was a pretty lengthy sketch but it's been real cool thinking on the meaning of the card I'm working on as I sketch and take time to take it to heart. I wasn't so frustrated, I just kept at it, trusting that sooner or later my eyes would see and my brain would hook it all together and something I really liked would emerge. Et voila.

Today, golden. All over. Well one weird thing when I got home but otherwise, great.

So the weird thing of those guys who helped paint the apartments was on my front stoop when I got home tonight. I said What are you doing here and he said he wanted to say hi. When I asked if he was waiting for me he said yeah and I said you've got to go, that's not cool, you can't come back, I didn't invite you, and you better not be around unless you've got painting work to do. He's a bit off his rocker. No really he is. And a half-finished bottle of wine there with him. Fucking weirdo goddammit! Be a little nice to someone, especially if you're a woman, and - what the hell?! I mean okay, I made the guys bread. A human gesture. I never invited this guy in or over or anything. I'm gonna kick his scurvy white ass to Eugene if he shows up again. I let all my neighbors know what's up, but of course, the manager is unavailable, his wife said he'd be home 'in an hour' and that was two hours ago. They're not answering their phone either. Faugh!!!!

So today I worked on one leetle ATC because I have this thing with talk-bubbles filled with not-words. Cows in the field discussing upholstery. ha ha ha hahahaaaaaa. Finished it up just now:

A watercolor background and collaged cows and bubbles.

And now, it is time for me to retire to my chambers. With Six Feet Under. What a gripping saga!


epicureans answer said...

i cant help but think what is each cow thinking.....?? the rear one is clearly pissed off that the arrogant one at the front always gets centre stage,,,,but maybe thats just me......i have it saying "if i kissed the farmers ass too i could do your job"

expressive cows,,,,now thats a clever thing to draw :-)i am genuinly tickled :-)

epicureans answer said...

i neglected to mention i know the whole point is that you dont put words in the boxes but for those of us that only have words and NO artistic talent it makes us feel like we can join in our own crap non expressive way,,,and for that i say thanks a lot :-)

i would love that on my wall :-)

ArtPfunk said...

epicureans made me laugh so hard I spit tea my keyboard is not going to work after this week if I keep this up... There should be a no drinking while surfing law...

and yes I can totally picture the hanged man in your print feeling surrender, emotional release, new perspective, reflective pause, giving up urgency and moving forward by being still as I am biting his neck. ...


Seriously though, there is a lot of emotion in it, which I think is a combination of the pose and your shading, not to mention the carved lines around his body, which I hope you won't clean up! it adds to the emotion!

and yeah...that guys sounds creepy, If I were you, I'd keep a loaf of stale bread to throw at the fresh guy..or creepy guy, as the case may be.

LOVE the cow mom goes ga-ga over cows..I'll need to show it to her!

V.K. said...

oh god, that is all hilarity, epi. thanks.

you too artpfunkychicken - cleaning out your sinuses with tea, now, I dunno but...

I think it's great you wanna bite the hangedman's neck. Yeah, me too.