Sunday, October 22, 2006

sunny sunday


I'm up early (7:30 to be precise) on a sunday - on a SUNDAY! - my day off! That's rather frightening, don't you think? Well it's for a good cause. I'm going for an early morning bike ride and on the way back I'm stopping over at Marsha's where the gang's all there and we'll do brekkie. YUM. Then it's off to the art library with Haddock to check out some Egon Schiele. HE ROCKS. I did this print last night -- I was looking up Schiele on the 'net a couple nights ago and got linked up with Butoh, a japanese contemporary form of dance that's spooky, disturbing, eloquent, macabre and utterly mesmerizing. I remember reading that it means Dance of the Night. But, it was really late when I was cruising around watching videos like The False David so I could be completely mis-remembering.

Here's one of Egon Schiele's paintings titled Chills. You can see the connection between butoh dancing (the more I see and the more I read about Butoh...maybe to call it a dance is a misnomer but it's the closest descriptor, I suppose) and Schiele's work.

On a lighter note, here's a card I made for Haddock. He was saying how there's so much female energy at work (there is, most of our staff are women) and they're always wanting something (he said with a chuckle and not a whit of rancor). See, but he can't change lightbulbs. We have to call the ELECTRICIANS to change the lightbulbs. And, this is no joke.

Into the saddle with me I go, mufflered and gloved for sure...'tis nippy out there, not even 40 degrees...that'd be four degrees celcius for those of you who are not of the north american bent. G'day all!


frogstar said...

4 degrees, eep!
*sends you toasty warm thoughts*
just so as you know, it's a long weekend here so i'm enjoying a monday in my jimjams listening to badly Drawn Boy (how much do i looove him!) and getting creative. blissss.

Tonje said...

I really like that print you did, and that card is just so funny... Hope you didn't freeze on your bike ride....