Saturday, October 07, 2006

body shots

So okay - I finally figured out where all those miscellaneous, random hubcabs come from that I see alongside the road. I'm always thinking, what? did someone just decide they wanted to see if they could take a hubcab off a car? or did someone just get tired of their hubcab? what?

No. This is what happens. They go to the tire store, get two new front tires, and after leaving Firestone they're driving happily down the lane on new treads which greatly improve driveability and all of a sudden they're bumping over an object that's suddenly appeared in the road. When they look in their rearview, they see a hubcap spinning off to the curb. They scratch their heads: "how in the hell did that hubcap get in the middle of the road? I swear I didn't see anything a second ago." A couple three days later they realize that the guys at Firestone did not secure said hubcab back into place and what they ran over (thankfully leaving brand spanking new tires in unshredded condition) was their own damn hubcap.

Nobody will want to mess with or steal my car. The stereo looks beat up, it's a cassette player; I leave it kinda dusty inside and a little bit in shambles; and now, the front passenget side hubcap for the tire is lying in a ditch somewhere between here and Eugene. I can't remember where it slipped off. Maybe if I scour Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd I could find it. But nah. My car's got character now.

Oh yes! I do own a car. Took me about two years to save up for the tires, but it's'okay because you know how I love to bike and bus. Used to be that I really had to crank on the steering wheel, especially when I was in reverse. And let me tell you, that is no fun on the ribsies after you've biffed it on your bike. Much easier to just ride the bus, all around (being chauffered is nice, you get to read Sam Kieth graphic novels and talk to strangers). But now, I can steer with my pinky!

Here's some stuff I got up to this week. I'm working on a series of small stamps. There's another batch in the works, here's the first:

I made this one for Haddock. I showed him how I do carvings, he's been very interested, and he liked the little ones so I made several more.

Speaking of little....Manekineko over the Small Art Project sent me a feed. It's in the sidebar to the right - a revolving door of mail art calls, updated automatically each time she adds a new one to her website, which features more than just the Small Art. Check it out and consider submitting some Small Art of yer ownsies!


frogstar said...

i think our cars would get on just fine. they could swap stories about missing hubcaps, patches of rust, and mad women.
my wee beastie loves me so much, she wouldn't let me out the other day. yup, the seatbelt jammed with me inside it. there were quite some contortions going on to get out of that baby!

Tony LaRocca said...

I think it's a creed amongst car mechanics to never ever do the job 100%. They probably think the same thing about we electricians, however...