Wednesday, October 25, 2006

beta carotenoids..or something

OMG!!! Delicata squash is superlatively scrumptious! Remembered I bought some, just baked it and ate several forkfulls. OoWow.

Earlier today I did this little card for a swapsy (ATC-sized), the theme is 'back in black'. And a few days ago I started drawing these little hands poking into places. I guess I'm on another roll, I can't seem to stop with the nostrils, either.

I drew it with a Pilot G2 gel pen, then brushed water over it with this keen synthetic fiber fine-point brush I got who-knows-where-or-when. The paper, now, that's a mystery too, I wish I could remember just where it came from because it really gives the drawing instruments a good surface and it also doesn't buckle with the water, but it's definitely NOT watercolor paper. Must be some printing paper, and maybe some old stuff. Sure had me some fun though.

I think I'll draw another poking hand somewhere. Filling up the Cake journal with Haddock is quite satisfying but I'm sure I could do another ATC.

And do try some delicata.


Anne said...

Oh, man... that is simply DELICIOUS! Makes me wanna go pick something. Or eat something, can't figure out which....

V.K. said...

ahh! ha haaa! that's great Anne. Thanks for stopping by, girl. I think maybe I'll pick me some earwax next.