Tuesday, October 24, 2006

doot de doo...de doo....

Well well well. Where to start? Josie had another seizure last week. She couldn't walk for a day or so and her eyes wouldn't track, she didn't poop or eat, and she threw up a lot.


Went to see her last thursday night and she barked once when I came in the door, which she hadn't done since before the seizure, and she was walking. And listing to the right. A lot. And stumbling. But she is still Josie. God I love that little girl. She is the sweetest, and she is taking it all in stride. Don't you wish you could do that half as well? I know I do. She's like....oblivious, she's not whining, thank god she's not in any pain, and she's still alive. Hopefully she won't seizure again. She's almost 13 years old. She acts like a puppy though.

And now...at least for the time being......she permanently tilts. You can kinda see her doing that here. And the thing is...since she's mostly okay as far as being able to walk (though unsteadily at times and not for very far) and over the worst of it (hopefully for good).....she is really REALLY cute now, instead of just cute. Now you can see her cute little teeth in her cute little mouth all the time. Jacque says she is going to turn herself upside down. Poor little cute girl.

Sure hope she sticks around for awhile yet.

You know that Shelties are herders? Well - they are. So now when she tries to do that, she's like a spinning top.

More art this weekend, among the usual bike riding and household puttering. Really is beautiful round here. Finally shut the bathroom window at night though, gettin' real chilly.

A postcard for Haddock:

And a print (natch). I want to do another with my arm even further up my backside. Can't do it with my left but it's kinda cool, the contortions. The way this side of the soft block is, is filled with little tiny holes which in some prints look like little tiny pinprick stars........

Time to close up shop, I think. You can check next door for some Cake that Haddock's sent over the last coupla weeks, if you fancy. Nighters!


Kathy said...

Sweet cake and a nice print as well, like that is a big surprise.

V.K. said...

hee hoo...cough cough.