Monday, October 09, 2006

great glory

Wow. What a glorious day. A slow start but I just geared down.

This morning I was so uncoordinated - couldn't see how shapes fit together to form parts and wholes as easily as I've experienced recently. So I carved a couple small ones, from erasers. Post those later. I cleaned up my art space - was feeling just so overwhelmed. So easy to be a mare's nest, especially in a small space such as this. Now it's back to being cozy instead of cramped and out of control with bits and bits and bits all over the place.

So then I headed out for a ride along the river - just beautiful. I like being outside every day: it gives me a real sense of time passing instead of abrupt season changes that happen when you're not looking around in the great out of doors. The wind was blowing every which way today. Lots of tree dressing scattered about now!

Then I went to The Fig Tree. That baby is loaded. I plucked. And plucked. And headed over to Trader Joe's for a couple of organic pumpkins.....they sell 'em so cheap (three bucks each - that is cheap). I wanna make Haddock a pumpkin cake for his birthday - ha! That's tomorrow.

I love TJ's. It's got a very distinct smell, that I like, and I forget about it until I approach the double sliding doors. Then it hits me and I get all happy. I don't even know what to liken it to. The chalk drawings inside are AMAZING. I asked if I could take pictures, but - NO. I drank two coffees! They're always offering coffee. Little baby cups though. Sample-sized cups. But YUM. My dad would love that place.

Then, home again, and this:

Ahh! It's so exciting! I really like the way this is looking!!

I'm wide awake still! Imagine that! I am debating whether or not to watch the VERY LAST episode of the VERY LAST season of Six Feet Under tonight, or wait. I'll probably hit The Wall in two minutes and be so heavy-lidded I can't see straight. Guess I'll clean up around here and call it a good day.


ellipsisigh said...

This print is true-ly amazing...the hands are awesome.

V.K. said...

oo-ee! you're up early! or wait, that's pacific time? at any rate, good morning -- thanks for zee commenting :-)

Issi said...

Hi Viki :o))
beautiful art!
today I create chat in blog, welcome :o))

Rrramone said...

Love that image. :-) And the last episode of SFU is the best episode of television ever. So there.

V.K. said...

hi Issi - thanks for your notes and everything!

rrrrrrrrrrr: good to see you thanks for stopping by blogville in borax. Still saving that last episode but I am sure I will agree with you.

Etayne said...

:::waving back at you:::
Hi there...

Ach, sudsy one, life is a bit challenging these days.
I'm hanging in there.

Tonje said...

All this talk about SFU.... I want to see it toooooo.... Must see if they have it in the library here...
Nice print by the way!