Saturday, July 28, 2007

holy harvesting!

Here, a series of ATCs for a Pen and Ink themed swap. I began each of them as a blind contour drawing, and then did a bit (just a bit mind you) of refining after I'd done the blind bit. These are in the order in which I drew them:

The first two are from pictures of Patti Smith - she is such an interesting subject, I really like drawing her and want to do more

These next two are just some chicks from ads in Interview magazine, which is actually a pretty great rag

I keep seeing that guy I drew a quick sketch of in the library a few weeks ago!

It's rather bizarre and uncanny. I've never seen him before and I sketched him upstairs on the third floor, in the Fiction department. No doubt he was reading a sci-fi novel. I drew it mostly all blind contour, which is kind of amazing and cool and every time I see him I think Hey! It really is that guy! A jolt of recognition - and he's been cruising around the Mags and News too.

Naw, he's not stalking me or nothin'. But, if you don't hear from me for, say, a couple weeks, well then......okay that's nothing to joke about. I've had bad experiences with guys who stalk. Next subject!

Spuds! Came home this afternoon, and visited the garden which I've not had time to do since thursday. I noticed that Kit has been a busy gal! She harvested the rest of the potato patch. But, I decided to dig around myself and I found two flower-pot-fulls of potatoes! It's like a treasure hunt, I love it. And, they are very very tasty roasted with olive oil and rosemary. I'll be making out like a bandit next week when I meet a friend from work at her garden (there are lots of community gardens around here) and relieve her of beans. She's planted several bushes and they're loaded. She said to please come and take some, so I guess I'll work on my farmer's tan and do a bit of weeding in exchange for some beans! (Jacque's gonna LOVE that....she's bananas fer beans...)

Well, the life of luxury continues. Shall I watch a movie or read before lights out? I best get going before I find it midnight and me squinchy-eyed with overtiredness.

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