Sunday, July 29, 2007

time enough

Well, ya know, I seem to be on a roll with this theme. So well there it is. I tried to do a sketch for a print earlier, and I kept becoming lost in it - but not in the way of absorption. More like....I'm not into this! So I switched gears. It's about blind contour, loose sketches, and cartoonies right now I guess!

I'd stamped a couple of those pointing fingers on a postcard some time ago and found it today. That's what happened with it.

Word for the day:


(smooth, hairless - used to describe leaves or skin)


Anne said...

Word of the day to describe your word of the day: ew. Never heard of that until now- "glabrous." Kinda sounds a bit shiny-like-a-slug, eh?

I'm off to California for a week [not that anyone will notice]. My blog's R.I.P., anyway-- nobody ever vists. Or if they do, they never comment. Is it that formidable? Hm.

Anyway, happy gardening-- the zucchinis are obscene right now!


V.K. said...

hey funny girl

glabrous does not include slimy! no no no! ew! Think spinach leaves, eh? It is through gardening that I learnt of this term.

Hope you 'ave a great time in Cali.

And I just visited your blog :)

I found a zuke under a leaf that I SWEAR wasn't there this morning, and obscene is a real fine word for it.

christine said...

Hey there! Long time no communicate! Sorry about that. ): Really. Glad to see you're still alive and well and arting around! I love blind contour! (I have leftover urges from having taken Figure Drawing classes in High School. Gesture drawing can be fun too.)

I have some tiny goodies to send you from Asia. I got the very neat postcard you sent while I was away, but I don't know if that's the most current address for you or not. Lemme know. (:

Sorry again for disappearing for so long.

V.K. said...

oh wow, I am soooo glad to hear from you! Are you kidding, I disappeared for so long (too)! I'm glad you are still kickin' around and I look forward to catching up with you. I will email you this weekend!