Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday evening at Rosewood

Hey! I failed to mention that our Monthly Hourly Comic Day was another great success! Click on over and check it out!

This is how it looks here when the sun streams in from the west:

More pics of the new digs are on this page.

Isn't it just beautiful? The above is me in the picture when I was about nine years old. I'm holding a pair of pliers and a big paperclip and I'm bending it into this shape:

Yeah.....I made it for my Mom :)

Last week we made a bed for carrots - atomic reds no less! who knew such a thing was possible? red carrots?! - and today, we spied some babies!!

The Bed:

A Baby:

Last week, the plums were ready:

And also, the peaches just began dropping out of the trees - so I used them and plums and bananas to make the BEST EVER smoothie oh my god oh my god. That was dinner.

Today we harvested potatoes! It's like an easter egg hunt - after you pull the plant up and dislodge the taters, you need to dig around in the soil more because there are a bunch of satellite spuds.

And that's not even a third of the half of it!!

Soon I hope to make some art, but for now, the garden is my canvas (oh, brother, how many times has THAT been said? BUT, 'tis a truth!).


Tonje said...

Your new place looks great. Hope you'll be happy there. What a great garden! and yummy tatties...

Issi said...

oh Viki, beautiful photos, I like it :o))
Take care

frogstar said...

digging potatoes is one of my most favourite things to do, ever!

V.K. said...

hi hi hi! thanks for the drop-by's everyone. Very busy time of year here....I wonder if it's busy all year round? With the winter garden and all.

I ate potatoes this morning, roasted with rosemary and olive oil YUM YUM.