Tuesday, July 24, 2007

un autre

Oui, pour Haddock! Est-ce qu'il un camarade chanceux, n'est pas lui est-il ? (is he not a lucky fellow?) I'm not entirely sure nor do I need to be, what these things are about. Ce n'est pas nécessaire.

Good news! No cataracts! I've been experiencing this cloudy/hazy/smudgy thing with my right eye's vision. Quite marked in the last week. Went to the doc today, she said definitely no cataract. Probably just a bit of astigmatism. Funny thing, though......all afternoon and evening, even as I sit and type and look at the computer screen with no other lights on (is that bad for me?), there are no smudgy halos. Jacque said maybe the doc blew some pollen outta there. Ha! Hey, could be......or maybe I am now so accustomed to it that I can't tell it's there? No, my eye feels no strain, like it's trying to focus around a foggy thing.

It's blackberry season! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Tons of ways to make blackberries into yummy things! We picked lots of 'em on sunday, and our good intentions were to make smoothies afterwards but instead we sat out on the deck and ate burritos and huge garden salads. Actually......I made a smoothie at 10:30 or 11 (is that bad for me?) and it hit thee spot. Yesterday I helped the girls clear out the back quadrant of the yard to make room for more garden and stuff. I think I slept the sleep of the dead last night! And today, I rode to the eye doctor's which is in my old stomping ground.......so I stopped by the plum trees by the old apartment and grabbed a few, and checked out the neighborhood. Felt good. Not weird at all - which in itself is kinda weird. A testament to our adaptability? And it really was time to move on. Glad I did.

Also, been browsing a great store called Lehman's ("Products for simple, self-sufficient living"). A guy at work told me about a nifty thing you can do your laundry in, by hand. Yes that's right. No electricity. Compact. Does about five pounds at a time. (there is no washer or dryer here, but I'm already accustomed to washing out stuff in the shower) So I went hunting. And I found some very smart things like

a floor dryer

the pressure hand washer

the rapid washer (I really wanna try that one out)


the hand wringer (for a mere $182.50)

What in Gethsemane has got into me?! All the modernization to save us time and energy and effort, automating everything, and here I wanna go back to days of yore? Well, yeah. I LIKE doing household stuff. I LOVE hanging out my laundry to dry (in case I haven't mentioned that a hundred gajulion times). A hand-wringer would be AWESOME.

Dear Santa....

I sleepy now.


Kathy said...

Hand wringer..HAH. You can use a rolling pin to do that. The one item looks like a tabletop cement mixer-cute.

V.K. said...

oh yeah that squat washing machine that uses no electricity! it totally looks like a cement mixer! I really wanna try one of those out...