Monday, March 12, 2012

today I made a cloud

This is one of the things I busied myself learning today: one way to make a cloud! Of course I had to add some mauves and pinks. I even learned how to make my very own cloud brush, woo!

The tutorial I followed is here. There are many ways to make clouds, as you may well know if you've puttered around in Photoshoppe. I'll be morphing this one to fit an illustration I'm working on.

This morning my back went out! Suddenly, without warning, as I was doing my normal stuff around the house. I could barely lift a frikkin' teacup to my face. No, seriously. So I stayed home. Luckily I haven't been bedridden and have been able to sit on my arse-end for lengths of time to mess about with colors and clouds. I was doubtful I would even be able to do I do count myself fortunate.

I even made split pea soup. Good for what ails ya. Especially when it's raining and gusting 40mph winds outside.....yeesh.

A good evening to you all; I'm closing up Shop and going horizontal with a movie and some ibuprofen :)

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