Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Illustration Friday - Yield

Here's this week's installment for Illustration Friday!

Yield to your little monster. The monster just wants to help. And to be friends. Really. No matter what monstrous monstrosities the little darling devil-may-be.

Yeah I'm learning stuff in Photoshop! Trying out several different techniques. I realize this one is pretty busy but hey. Monsters like busy-ness. Uh...this one does!

**I will be designing cards for this one....I really need to re-launch Etsy, or sell through this site....or build that website I keep saying I will! If anyone is interested in purchasing cards or prints just email or message me - thanks!**


Rebecca said...

There's a lot going on visually and texturally, but the monster and his raised bouquet, plus the boy's red hair, draw your eye to the focal point of this sweet offering. Nice twisted tree trunk. I like the sketchy style of the mushrooms, as well. Looks like you're having great fun and success with your Photoshop experiments.

Alicia Stucky said...

I’m enjoying the busyness, actually! There’s a lot to take in, but not so much that it’s cluttered. You’ve created a great sense of atmosphere, especially with the peeks and valleys in the land and the variety in foliage. Great work.

Victoria Koldewyn said...

Thank you both for your comments and honest feedback! I appreciate it. It helps me to know how all that visual stuff communicates. You know how it is, when you've worked with a piece for awhile...

I'm going to make cards out of this one. Any business advice is welcome. Etsy, sure....but ANY advice about anything would be great, from anyone!

Cindy D. said...

Adorable! I love the colors, particularly those great lilac shoes. I can see what you mean about it being a tad busy, though I think all the elements look really great.

One thing is that the little hillock on the left side, and the tree trunk on the right side, are about the same size as your main figures. So you might want to make the hillock shorter and the tree taller (with the majority of the top foliage out of the frame). You might also consider changing his shirt color so it's not so close to the mountains. But all of that is up to you, and it does look very sweet and adorable just as it is. :D

Victoria Koldewyn said...

Hi Cindy,

thank you for all of that! It's good to know that elements do work and I had thought about the hoodie being too close to the colors/hue of mountains. Good info about variation in sizes. I played with the idea of making that tree bigger but then I thought it might overwhelm and close in the space too much - so I kept it wonky.

I really love that you all refer to the kid as a he even with lilac shoes. I often draw my characters from self-portraits and I was (am!) a tomgirl. I see myself as a blend :)

thank you again!!