Monday, June 07, 2010


Now that the term is over (for all intents and purposes, as I took my final final, in math, tonight -- and I don't think I did half-bad!).........I hardly know what to do with myself.


Yeah that will last about two seconds, right?

So tonight I rode home in the gorgeous sunshine absolutely reveling at the no-rain and warm-air situation (and let me tell you that waking to sunshine was an unexpected hail-Mary event). Upon arrival at my domicile with final art projects in tow, I re-arranged the wall furniture to accommodate them. In the last few months I've worked on bigger canvases than any other time and it's been fun. Now that I live in a very small studio apartment, it's a challenge to figure out space to put everything. I have a revolving gallery.

I can, however, successfully calculate the square footage and perimeter of my little two-room cozy with my rediscovered math skillz.

Think I'll drop a couple classes from Summer term aid offers and awards are based on a three term year (fall, winter, spring). Why kill myself over summer with an 8am psychology class, going until 8pm with math? Drop the psych already, and pick it up in winter (fall term is already chock-full). The painting class would be a fun four-week summer term ending, but again......I'll be at the community college for another year so what's the rush. I'll stick with eight weeks of algebra and drawing, thank you.

Here is an ink painting I did for part of my Visual Arts final project. A big hearty shout out to my good friend Alex in Leeds for being an unwitting inspiration to me (once again). He's pulled me out of so many artistic funks. Thanks Alex!!

30 x 22"

I'm thinking I have enough larger pieces now that I'll submit them for a show at Shawn Mediaclast's Museum of Unfine Art. I could title it simply 'first term spring' and include all the in-and-out-of-class works I've done. I'm building a strong portfolio for any eventuality, like.....going to art school, maybe?! Even the U of O art department will require one of those suckers for admittance into the program.

I haven't ever seriously considered teaching, but in speaking with one of the women who work at Lane Community College in the scholarship foundation office today, I am......considering it. She was awarded a fellowship to attend her school of choice for her MFA by teaching one class per term; in exchange she received a stipend to cover school and living costs. That's the usual deal for graduate school (if you receive the deal, that is). Hmmm.....thinking, thinking....

In the meantime I will pick some brains and do some art.

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