Friday, June 04, 2010

pure morning

As I wrote to Graham Roumieu just now, I was in a very foul mood this morning. While at the library browsing through the YA section I rediscovered some of his Bigfoot graphic novels.

He's brilliant.

Now me back to want draw and sing again. I downloaded Butthole Surfers and Placebo, and I am on my game.

Here we see our dear Mr. G from drawing class drilling us mercilessly.

I just saw a tiny caterpillar swinging back and forth in the wind from an invisible anus-thread* . Like one of those carnival rides. I would be totally sick if I was that caterpillar. Maybe caterpillars don't have inner ear canals.

* don't quote me on that; maybe the threads emit from their mouth-ends

How many art students feel that their instructors just don't understand the works issued forth from brilliant and well-meaning artist minds? I think I totally nailed this assignment. Our final project: design an exquisite corpse representing three aspects of your personality, keeping in mind all the design elements we learned (from handouts) and emphasize a flow from one panel to the next.

Okay: the Surrealists invented this game to challenge the order and flow, to exploit the subconscious, anarchy, and illogic. But whatever. I created a pretty strong piece, after doing two others that I'm okay with. This one represents on many levels, yo.

Yes, feel free to click on it for a big picture.

I learned more about design from Molly Bang's book How Pictures Work than I did in class this term. Thank you, Miss Molly. She illustrates with simple construction paper cutouts how to build an image that really works. Before I read the book, I was really getting into cutting out and arranging elements on the page. It is pretty fantastic how we are affected by visuals and placement, size shape color form relationship. It's a fun game to engage with.

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