Wednesday, June 02, 2010

and on another note

Well, it's been awhile hasn't it? What's going on my people? Hope you are all very very contrary and cool, dig.

Me, I'm plugging away at it; this is the last week of classes, with next week being finals. Already?!

The big bummer news: I didn't land that all-expenses paid scholarship trip. The good news is, I qualified for a $1200 scholarship through the community college. I might even be offered an Oregon Opportunity Grant; I'll know more about that in about a week or so. Meanwhile, I am girding my loins to redouble my efforts on the employment front, should I not be offered work study (very limited space, standing room

I celebrated the bad news by drinking a very tall bottle of Summer Blonde Ale last weekend....and a very tall can of Pabst (since the terrifically priced .99 big bottles of blonde were sold out when I went back for more). For me, that is a lot of beer. But my, it tasted good.

And, you know, doing some art. Last night I
hit a stride I haven't felt for awhile. Sketching in pen with no preliminary pencil was......actually a lot of fun:
Thanks to Jay, my Leeds buddy, for the inspiration. He's working on some sort of top-secret art project of his own.

And, you know, monkeying around in class (Mr. G is not very appreciative of the comic form......but he writes a damn good letter of recommendation so maybe I'll land that few hundred dollar scholarship from Krylon):

And, you want to love this!!

this was a fun collage, I'm collage-a-thon-ing lately

Tonight I'm hauling some works on paper in my handy courier tube up to campus to flesh out my finals portfolio as well as fulfill the Pollock assignment that's due for Intro to Visuals. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with.

How did Pollock allow his (later) paintings to dry, especially when he painted outdoors? did he paint several simultaneously? did he move them when they were wet? and if so, how did he manage to prevent the paint from running into a muddy mess?

Adieu, and anon, fellow freaks.

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