Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It was a Dark and Rainy Night...

....and my friend Yona was having a hissy fit about the state of the weather. Especially since she'd just returned from a sunny and warm six weeks in Oaxaca. I share her sentiments. (I wish I could put together such outfits and pull them off like she does too, but hey - at least I can draw her in her fabulosity!!) We were hanging out at the library, feryerinfermation.

Luckily for all of us, it was sunny today!!

We've been enjoying quite a number of bonus days here in the Pacific Northwest, actually.

On other fronts: I've been gearing up for the almost sure-fire eventuality that I will have an interview soon for a full-time job at the campus library. Many thoughts on this rattling around in the ol' tin can!

And I yam tard....that is, my brain, it doth tire and gimble in the wabe. And so for now, adieu, dear readers....I am for snoresville soonishly!


Mary Tap said...

its funny, when it rains here in Cali, all I hear are complaints too. The only thing I hate about rain is driving in it. But I honestly can live with it! :)

This is an amazing drawing and I think you did your friend proud.. haha.. I love the colors as well!

yona said...

truly a great drawing.. captures me as a cartoon character but with many traces of truth. thanks vic..your blog looks delicious by the way.... xoyo

Victoria Koldewyn said...

Tapper! You can live real well in the Pacific Northwest then :)

ahh Yona! You are such an inspiration - thank you!!