Friday, February 26, 2010


Today I SOAR'ed up on campus (Student Orientation something something)...I'm official now and will be registering for classes on monday. Polls open at 7am. Will I wake up early to scramble for the classes I want? HELLS YEAH!!

Woke up super early (for me, 6:43) even though I coulda slept another hour or more. Been freaky tired all day. Despite green tea and biking to and from campus (which I still feel burly and bad-ass's not so much the distance as it is THE HILL, and it's not exactly in town; in fact it is not at all in town).

okay where was I....a friend just called and we yakked it up for some minutes....hee hoo! Well anyway, tonight's drawing session: an hour (plus) of hell, and then something shifted and OH my god I feel so much better. Sometimes when you grind away at something, you just keep grinding, and it's just a big huge shitty mess that will compost into something beautiful someday down the road. Tonight I was grinding along and grinding along and you get the idea....and then I flipped to a new page and a new pose and remembered a video I saw on gesture drawing for animation. The guy's lines were so loose and fun. Who is that guy?

Oh right, it's Mark McDonnell.

What follows is a one-minute slideshow of my drawing session tonight. See if you can spot the shift. It's not difficult :)

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