Monday, March 22, 2010

bit of an update

So these girls were fun to draw; I've been searching groups on Flickr to do gesture drawings from when I'm at home and lack live moving people to sketch.

I haven't gone to any drawing sessions around town for over a week and I have to say it's actually okay-feeling with me. The UofO is on hiatus for finals week and spring break; I haven't gone to NewZone for oh...three thursdays now? I noticed I started feeling really SERIOUS about my studies, as in, not having fun. Which of course is normal. Okay sure yes. Maybe Serious needs some about Cramped as well? Yes that's more like it.

I tire of the model poses in figure drawing. Oh dear. Dear dear dear. I want to learn how to find interest in the static poses and sustain it. I have so little interest in drawing, say, a woman holding an aubergine. Unless I cartoon or caricature it. Heighten something!

How do art students and artists studying the figure develop an interest in those dull poses anyway?! I am certain I will find out, if I am to learn anything.

This afternoon I sat in the Library Cafe and sketched for awhile and felt very interested in everything, even shoes (see below). Methinks the interest, then, is very much internally generated.

Tomorrow morning I truck on up to campus: books go on sale at 8am! Bugger that hour though.

Gah. I'm going back to school. I feel a familiar feeling or three. Excitement, the nerves, the anticipation, the everythings. After a two-week-long Byzantine journey to try and gain assistance for course equivalencies from my former University and how those courses might count towards all the general education and foundational skills requirements at Lane.........I finally connected with the right person and I feel hugeness of reliefness. Many of the gen ed's do in fact carry forward. I will need four terms of math (joy and an armload of it! can I take these all pass/no pass??), a Speech, two science w/labs and the rest can all be ART ART ART ART.

Here's a few gestural doings. Adieu, for the nonce!

ps: I built two more raised beds, two more raised boxes, planted peas last month which are coming up in buckets. Today I borrowed a friend's really really old Ford pickup (it has a choke! I've never driven anything with a choke!), bought some organic soil, and filled the beds by failing wheelbarrow-fulls. Then I drove back to his place, retrieved my bicycle, and rode up the butte a couple of times (it's a rather small butte). A lovely day. May the next door neighbor's dog exhaust himself from barking very soon or I. Shall. Go. Mad. Ta for reals, I'm off to read about Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes.


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Alan Arbelaez said...

great drawings you got here. i wish i could draw like you.

p.s. good luck going back to school!

Jasmine said...

wonderful blog! :) i enjoyed your writing and your drawings xxx