Ordering Info - shipping, invoicing, etc.

I've created this page for you to land on so you can review important little details about my art and your order.

Underneath each image is a button that links you to pay via PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to buy any merch! PayPal will accept payments via credit card too. If PayPal just doesn't work for you, email me and we'll work it out another way no prob.

**Invoicing for multiple items!**
I also offer the option of sending you an invoice via PayPal. This works well if you'd like to order multiple items. Rather than clicking on individual items and being directed off-site to PayPal each time, you can email me the email address you would like me to send an invoice to. I do not need access to your PayPal account! :) I will be sending from my PayPal to your email address. Just let me know how many of each item you want, and you'll receive an invoice with everything listed in once place, including a line item for shipping costs which I can tailor to your location. Please include your shipping address in your request/email to me. From within the email you receive from me, you can choose your method of payment. Cinchy!

My email is listed on my profile page.

If you order more than one item I'm happy to combine and reduce the shipping costs.

Please note that if you are ordering International, the shipping costs will remain as-is. It's about a buck an ounce to send mail overseas. Ounces add up quicker than you might think :)

Items ship within 2-5 business days upon receipt of payment.

Cards sell for $3.00/each plus shipping and handling.

Cards measure 4 1/4 x 5 /12 and envelopes are included. Card does not print with my watermark, and are blank on the innards for you to create your own personalized message.

To gain a sense of their size in a photo, please view this post.

Unless otherwise noted, the art I sell here are prints of originals. It is professionally printed off-site on a digital color press using high-definition acid free paper with inks made to last according to manufacturer's specs. The color is vibrant and saturated; the detail is preserved with integrity.

There are a variety of ways I go about creating. Some of the illustrations are done purely analog (putting pen, pencil, watercolor, or other media to actual paper). Some are done with a hand in analog and finished in Photoshop using the skills I'm learning. Painting pictures in Photoshop is...super fun.

Thank you!