Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Illustration Friday - Intention

So on sunday it was my intention to be super woman super productive. I did some stuff and laid groundwork for being more productive the next couple of days.....but as for sunday, I did a good amount of schlepping and chillin'.

Learning Photoshop! Learning about every goshdangiddy thang!!

I live in a small studio. That is why I look so biggg :)



Cindy D. said...

This is great! Really nice style and colors but my favorite part has to be those awesome slippers, each with a different expression. That does look like a tiny apartment!

Victoria Koldewyn said...

hi! thanks for your comment Cindy. The slippers were pretty fun to draw. This apartment is definitely compact. But I spend most of the time in one room (studio/kitchen) so hey, who needs much more? although...some storage space would be nice :)

Angel said...

Really great illustration. I agree, the slippers are incredible.
Isn't Photoshop fun? I'm learning Illustrator on my own, every Wednesday practicing something new.
And hey, you did get some stuff done right? You need some schlepping/chillin' time too!

Victoria Koldewyn said...

hello there! Ahhh thanks for your comments and for taking the time. Photoshop is amazing. It is real easy to be totally absorbed.....for hours. I hope you're having fun with Illustrator. I aim to learn that one next :)