Friday, September 09, 2011

schmorg as Borg

Okay look. When you advertise an apartment (cottage, flat, duplex, etc) for rent and say, 'all utilities included except/excluding heat (electricity, gas, etc)', it's just.....oxymoronic. Okay? Plus, it's irritating. Yeah yeah I'm scouting for a new place to live. I'm also looking for a job. Exciting times!

We're in a long (for this region) heat wave (relatively speaking) right now; our first week-plus of September has been in the way upper 80s/low 90s. This is when the crickets saw out the hot jazz songs as the sun sets and I love that. This is when the sun is white-hot (for this region) (relatively speaking) and I feel kinda like I'm on some other planet (it's such a stark contrast to the low-slung grey skies and persistent downpours that mantle the valley for months and months of the year). I like this planet. Yes I know that our ozone is depleting and the UV rays are mega bad for you (and me), but I am totally digging this righteous tan I have from hours out in the sun bicycling and gardening.

There's a haze from horizon to horizon, too. Did you ever see Pitch Black? Well it's set on a really hot, really bright, very barren planet. Super intense sun in the day - super intense dark at night. That's what this weather reminds me of, and with this haze refracting the light weirdly it's also like living in some sorta post-apocalyptic Polaroid.

I'll need to bookmark this post for looksies when, in December, I haven't seen sun or open sky for awhile. This is proof that the sun does in fact exist when, in January, I begin to seriously doubt it and think I must have been on some other planet (one of my own fabrication):

Do people outside of the Pacific Northwest wear Keens? If you don't then you won't recognize the tan lines on my feet.

Oh for eff's sake. Someone is blogging about their tan lines. Ugh!

I dunno what's happened with my art; it's kinda dried up over the last couple five weeks or so. I did manage a Lollie

  and it was fun to dink around with the Pentel Brushpen. I'm feeling more gnarly (post-apocalyptic?) lately and sweet Lollie just ain't cuttin' it for me right now. Oh dear.

I'll close with a reading recommend, a great chewy chunky epic of a lusty spirited crack-me-over-the-head-with-a-crowbar book: Shantaram. My friend Yona lent it to me and I totally churned my way through it, completely engrossed and riveted, for all 944 pages. It hit me hard on many levels and I've been dreaming at night about family members both living and dead, the loss, and potentiate connections never realized; about named and nameless lovers who I will never see for various gods.

Go read it. Even though I'm heart-wrenched, I highly recommend it. Gregory David Roberts writes beautifully (seems a pale and trite word, ugh). If any slivered part of you feels refugee, you will love it too I'm betting.


Anonymous said...

and thanks for the you-tube recommends.. i watched them and he is just as i pictured him in the book, energy wise.. interesting person that can witness the kinds of things he did and still have a soul to come home to at night... yona

Victoria Koldewyn said...

he is like that! yeah, I imagined him to be that way too. I'm amazed for the same reasons you are. I dunno, he might consider himself still 'in pieces' but he's got it soooooo together...

eroica said...

Yes, Shantaram! What a rollicking good read that was.
And so's you know, Keens have made it as far as enzed...

Victoria Koldewyn said...

Ahh! you read that? I'm still reeling!

I am not surprised that Keens are known there :)

eroica said...

A whole bunch of us at work were reading it at the same time, it was fab!