Friday, August 26, 2011

Speedball Secrets and Uni Pins

Now, what do you think that title refers to?? Well it's not anything to do with mixing uppers and downers.  I just found out something! Look at this!

The end of the handle for the linocutting tool can be removed to store a cache of other tools! (or, whatever) (ssssshhhhhhhh).  Did you know this?? Ha! I only know it because I was leafing through a Daniel Smith catalog just now and saw it in a picture! Gee. The brayer handles do the same thing (I own two brayers). What'll I put inside those?? (shhhhhhhhh)

Here's another little tip: there is a great online store called Stationery Art where you can buy all sorts of goodies for very very reasonable prices and unbelievably low shipping costs.

For example: the Uni Pin. It's better than a Micron (according to some). I found the pens, the Uni Pins, on Stationery Art for about a buck fifty each. It's double that on all the UK sites I visited, and shipping is about six US dollars. At Stationery Art I bought four of the pens in varying sizes and shipping was two dollars. I received them in four days. They ship from Japan. I am shitting you not. Furthermore, the UniPins are awesomenessss.

Want one of those Pentel Brush Pocket Pens? Want to pay less than Amazon, even? Okay! On Amazon you could buy a pen with two cartridges for ten bucks and if you're a Prime member, shipping would be free. At this nifty overseas online store you can buy a pen and four cartridges (refills) for ten bucks and that immaculately conceived shipping price. I bought one last year. It works great.

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a purchase: Pentel water brush pen. Where you fill the reservoir yourself. Oh yes. Four brushes for eighteen bucks. Niiiice! must've seen that Credit Limit Report notification up there, sitting under the Speedball. Yeah. I can go to the community college and receive financial aid next term: but only for ten more credits. Then, they cut me off. I should've said I need THIRTY more credits instead of being honest and saying ten will do, when they sent me a notice and I needed to justify. Ah hells I don't even want to think about school right now. I'm still in summer vacation mode. Math? UGH.

I was going to transfer over to the University in Fall but then I decided to take summer off......summer off is feeling mighty fine, still.

Okay later you guys. Yona is gonna try and sneak me into the Eugene Celebration so I can see the Object Afterlife show (which she is exhibiting in). Ah! There's the call!

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