Thursday, August 25, 2011

Industry and Mayhem

Just now home from taking down the show at Ninkasi. You see the state of things around here. If I drank Red Bull I'd be slamming a few cans to fortify myself before tackling the aftermath, reorganization, cleanup, sales at the show. Ah well. I did, however, meet someone who works at Ninkasi. James is a nice fellow; he said Ninkasi has been invited to pour at a Gala Event in BelAir to honor Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn (why??). The rep from said Gala Event, while visiting Ninkasi, said to bring some art. Ha ha! So I could mark up my sunflower print to, what, an easy grand or two? Seems like a pipe dream at this point but maybe I'll pursue the line of inquiry.

(Ninkasi, by the way, is our local brewery)

Here are a couple of shots that my friend Jacque took while the show was up (once again I forgot to take photos and this morning I just wanted to get in, get out):

Umm...there are a whole bunch more pieces hung around the place that looked pretty nifty! The Ninkasi inlay piece in the floor is fantastic; it's done by local artist Jamie Buress.

So then I packed everything up (acrylics, prints, paintings, watercolors, inventory) into two bike panniers, slung my bigass portfolio over my shoulder after securing another flat containing the inventory prints to the rack on my bike, and carried two of my large pieces in my left hand while steering with my right, and rode home.

I looked like one of the Clampetts.

Thank god it's not raining.

Here are some excerpts from the Guest book I left for folks to sign.

"I think you guys & girls have the potential to ROCK MY FACE OFF!"

"Boom shakal-a-shaka! (ps this message would have been boring pre-beer. xoxo PDX"

"Amber waves really made this our last stop & a good one! come visit us in SF & try local brewing! <3 the vanilla stout! Cheers! A.W.R."

"Sophie, Thanks for referring us to here! :) -Adam & April SLC, UT"

"Love this beer! Eugene Rocks - Brendan's Mom from So. Cal"


"Had a great time with friends! THANKS"

"great key lime juice! squeeze!"

"Dear Jamie, I Love You! I love your beer in my mouth! Love, The Wench"

YEAH!! Thanks, people! I made the beer myself, that's why I put an ARTIST'S GUESTBOOK here beside my business cards and ART for you to sign! ha ha!! pretty fucking hilarious, I think.

So there were actually a few comments directed to me, the artist, about the art. Which was pretty cool:

"How long does it take to heat up a pretzel?"

oh wait a second....(no this really IS in the guest's like.......a subway bathroom wall or something!!)

"Happy birthday!! Oh oops my bad this isn't a birthday ard. Props on getting a showcase here, you're very talented I hope to see more keep it up brodda popping bi - N.......???"

Who wrote that? Were you inebriated? I don't care! Tell your friends to buy some of my awesome art! I am tired of looking at it on my walls!


Lee said...

Hahaha. It was a cool show. I drank lots of beer and enjoyed your art during the Cart and a Cold One event.

Victoria Koldewyn said...

Hey Lee! ahhhhh that's so great, thanks! You left the BEST comment in the Guest Book! Long live Post Apocalyptic Eugene Zombie Zucchini eaters......whut? It's in pre-production :)

I think you found a new home, yes? Yay!

jon 7 said...

nice blog! looking forward to reading more!

Victoria Koldewyn said...

hey Jon! thanks for reading this ol' thang :)