Tuesday, March 15, 2011

before and after

Everything's relative and my plight is pretty insignificant compared to many on the planet. That much is obvious. I watched some footage from the tsunami in Japan and I was beyond stunned. I felt sick and horrified. I'm sure you've all seen it, but have you seen the stuff circulating from those on the streets, unedited? Pretty grim and shocking.

I never thought I'd join Facebook, but I did, and it's been a good newsfeed (since I don't watch TV or listen to the radio). The whole Wisconsin debacle, and rallying forces of the people....etc etc. I'm easily overwhelmed. FB is good to visit for small bites of news and entertainment. It's a one stop shopping center.

So. My maths final was yesterday at noon and I'm pretty sure I passed. I figured that if I only scored 100 out of the 150 points, I would still pull a high C or even a B in the class. On the first exam I scored a 94. On the second, just over a week ago, I scored a 71 (and I was so ecstatic). I am so relieved to not have to do any more precalculus homework. It was a dark cloud hanging around for ten solid weeks. Ye gods.

Today I slept in until 10:30, finally changed out of my jammies at noon. I mucked the dining table last night. Witness the transformation:

Above: you see a box of tissues, which had become necessary not only for the copious quantities of snot I produced for a month, but also the persistent crying jags. Under the tissue box is a 'Precalculus Demystified' book I checked out from our campus library (I am less mystified than I was ten weeks ago, but still remain mystified on many fronts, and I am fine with that). Stacks of papers printed off from our online homework, all 31 chapters. This was the permanent state of the table for the entire term. I stopped trying to clear it off and instead ate my dinners straight from the can over the sink (it bears repeating).

Ahhhh. Such a relief. No more visual clutter.
(by the way, if you aren't familiar with Rick Berry's art, I suggest you check it out, he is really amazing - I treated myself to a small book of his artwork (which you can see clearly now that it's been unearthed), published by Ashley Wood, who is also another amazing artist)

Last night I made a huge bowl of popcorn (curry and nutritional yeast sprinkled on judiciously...delicious, try it and let me know what you think) and watched Ratatouille (for the sixth time). That was my treat, and one I looked forward to all day. I am astonished all over again every time I watch that film. The details and nuances, humor, storytelling...it's all so beautiful. I always feel ridiculously happy while watching it and then for some time afterwards.

I then read Joe Kelley's I Kill Giants before bed, and dreamt of monsters. This graphic novel is pretty intense; the story and art are fantastic.

One last thing. I'd like to know how you respond to this.

Myself: slack-jawed and practically crying.

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