Monday, February 28, 2011

gone to ground

*-*   *-*   *-*   *-*  

so yes, this is what I've been utterly consumed by this term. I have a dedicated table for Pre-Calculus. I used to eat at that table. Now I eat over the sink, from a can, standing up.

did you see Fantastic Mr. Fox? I think I should watch that again tonight. Or maybe Ratatouille. I need some spirit-lifters, and since alcohol is strictly out of the question, and I haven't felt any inspiration to draw or make art today, but I keep feeling as though I should be way more productive (aside from all the snot I've been coughing up and blowing out my nose, that is).....I do this all the time!! I feel all whiny and uninspired and bereft, and I don't know.......I just moon around......instead of just throwing in the towel and recognizing that I'm just feeling moony and sick and I should glut myself on wonderful funny absurd animation and such.

Two full weeks in the term, then finals week. You can bet your bottom brass tack that I will enjoy mucking this place out, especially the algebra table!

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