Tuesday, July 06, 2010

tuesday today

Big news! It's actually a warm summer's eve here in the pacific northwest! This really is breaking news and I am ecstatic. The last time I kept all the windows open past 6 o'clock was last...september, probably. It has been a really long wet cool protracted did I mention wet spring. In the first two days of June it rained more than it usually does for the entire month. I feel decidedly bloated and am looking forward to drying the hell out.

My intention was to pack myself off to bed earlier but you know how one thing leads to another and I decided to make one last pitstop. Here. Now. Yes hello!

Very glad that I studied algebra over the weekend because I'm experiencing a big fat estrogen surge tonight which in all honesty impairs my ability to think in a linear fashion, which is a lot of what one must do in algebra. Although the argument can be made that there is a certain intuitive quality to problem solving as well.

So, see, studying art and algebra together is going exceptionally well. I'm completely surprised. Algebra is my go-to subject when I am frustrated with art and vice versa. It's really weird, totally unexpected, and I'm glad it's all shaking down that way. I could also build an argument about how similar algebra and art is but I'm just not in the mood to go that deep right now. Trust me though, it's not a specious argument.

I'm asking you - any one or all of you - to try a grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwich. I am off dairy, so I won't be eating one myself, but it was a childhood favorite (thanks mom). Trust me, it's delicious. Please do us both a favor and enjoy one soon. Try making a half sandwich. Or a quarter sandwich, if your doubts are running high.

The latest art assignment over the weekend was pretty beefy. At least it was for me. I like some parts, and overall, well -- it was fun, it was hard work, there are bits I think that captivate but overall it's not very challenging to the viewer. You know? It's safe art. And I guess that's okay sometimes; what I did fulfilled the instructor's directions, although the composition could be more interesting. I wanted to create a narrative, and in the last panel there was potential to create more tension - so I did the final drawing as if at night.....creeping around the corner of the building....but it's rather dull. I'm looking forward to combining composition, value, and all that fun stuff with more of a spin. Something not so.....straightforward.

So here they are and off I go, buenas noches!


Caio Fernandes said...

this is so cool ! and what beautiful drawings !!

V.K. said...

Hi Caio! thanks :) wow sorry I didn't say hi sooner, where did the month go??